Gharb Sohail & Nubian village

“Gharb Sohail” is one of thousands of Egyptian villages, but it managed to become the talk of local and international tourism, after its residents of the Nubians took advantage of the natural, environmental and geographical elements of the village to be a destination for tourists from different countries of the world and a distinctive and indispensable tourist destination during a visit to the city of Aswan.

Nubian village, which has become a prominent landmark among the tourist destinations in southern Egypt, and has succeeded in eliminating unemployment rates for the village’s residents.
Gharb Sohail is one of the villages of Aswan Governorate, which administratively follows the local unit of the center and city of Aswan. The village was established about a hundred years ago, when the old Aswan reservoir was built in 1902, and its first elevation in 1912. The distinctive geography west of the Aswan Reservoir from the northern side and above a sandy slope west of the Nile River, due to the presence of attractive natural ingredients that make the place a distinctive ecological and tourist park.

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